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Octopus Symbolism: Myths, and Totems

Learn about Octopus

The octopus has many symbolic meanings, from its physical abilities to its spiritual and cultural significance. For centuries, people have been fascinated by the octopus and its unique symbolism.   This article will explore the mythology, folklore, and spiritual aspects of the octopus, as well as its uses in octopus jewelry and fashion. We will […]

Learn About The Stunning Abalone Shell

Abalone Jewelry for the beach

The Origins of Abalone Jewelry Unique to numerous regions of the world, abalone jewelry is frequently found in South East Asia’s warmer waters, where the shells are harvested and the meat is used as food. However, the shells are utilized to create exquisite and distinctive jewelry that is well-known throughout the world. The stunning jewelry […]

Ocean Jewelry – Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl Beach Jewelry Store

MOTHER OF PEARL OCEAN JEWELRY   THE MULTI-COLOURED DAZZLING BEAUTY Mother of Pearl is the organic mineral composed within mollusks as an inner-shell layer, also called “nacre”. Pearl gemstones are also made of nacre, however, the mother of pearl refers particularly to the nacre-coated inner-shell itself only. This sophisticated-looking and robust material has been cut, […]

The Spiritual Meaning and Mythological Representations of Turtles

Ancient Sea Turtle Myths Ocean Jewelry

Turtles have been held in high esteem in countless societies for their sturdiness and sagacity. With a history extending centuries, turtles are regarded as symbols of shelter and constancy. This essay will explore the spiritual and mythological significance of turtles, examining the various symbolic readings across civilizations. It will look at turtles in global folklore, […]



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