Discover the allure of the ocean, crystallized around your ankle. Our curated Anklets collection whispers tales of marine mysteries, from the playful dance of the Starfish Anklet to the rhythmic ebb and flow echoed in the Wave Anklet. Dive deeper and you’ll find treasures like the Silver Turtle Anklet, an emblem of ageless ocean wisdom, shimmering with Silver & Crystals. The Turtle Anklet, infused with Aqua Crystals, captures the tranquil hues of tropical waters.

As if sifting sand on a sunlit beach, you might chance upon the rare Sand Dollar or be mesmerized by the pure Aqua gleam of our pieces. And for those with a penchant for the majestic, the Silver Sea Turtle Anklet beckons. Here’s your passport to oceanic elegance. Why tread when you can glide? Make your marine statement, and let every step you take resonate with the song of the sea. Dive into our collection today!


Armoura offers a rich collection of various design inspired anklets. Some of our standout pieces include the Silver Whale Tail Anklet with Crystals, Wave Anklet in Silver & Crystals, Starfish Anklet with Aqua Crystals, and Silver Turtle Anklet with Aqua Crystals.

Our Starfish Anklet is a unique piece that brings the charm of the ocean to your look. It is beautifully crafted featuring Aqua Crystals embedded in a Starfish design, lending the anklet a unique marine appeal.

The Wave Anklet in Silver & Crystals captures the charm of oceanic waves. This elegant piece pairs a delicate wave motif with sparkling crystals, making it a terrific accessory for beach-lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Our Turtle Anklet features gorgeous Aqua Crystals, complementing the silver turtle design. The crystals add a hint of colour that makes this anklet a delightful addition to any jewelry collection. Similarly, our Silver Sea Turtle Anklet captures the whimsy of the sea with a pleasing turtle design.

The Silver Sand Dollar Anklet with Crystals is another one of our marine-inspired pieces. A sand dollar motif in Silver, combined with shimmering crystals, makes this anklet a charming statement of individual style.

At Armoura, we pride ourselves on our unique designs and quality craftsmanship. Our silver anklets with crystals are delicately crafted to ensure that they catch the light just right, adding a touch of sparkle to any outfit. Besides, each piece carries thematic significance, imbuing them with a charm that goes beyond their physical allure.



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