Step into a world where the ocean’s elegance meets luxurious design. Our collection captures the essence of the deep blue with Bracelets & Bangles that gleam like treasures from Neptune’s vault. Imagine wrapping a Starfish Bangle around your wrist, each contour embedded with dazzling Sapphire Crystals, mirroring the ocean’s depth. Or let the Whale Tail Bangle embrace you, a tribute to the majestic creatures of the sea.

Beyond the deep blue, our range unfolds with designs from gentle waves to mythical mermaids, ensuring you carry a piece of the ocean’s allure wherever you tread. Whether your heart yearns for traditional bangles or the uniqueness of drawstring bracelets, our selection promises a splash of oceanic elegance. Dive into our collection, find your maritime match, and let the oceanic opulence adorn you. Ready to dive deeper? Explore now.


Our bracelets and bangles collection often feature captivating Sapphire Crystals. These precious stones add a distinctive charm to the pieces, enhancing their elegance. Each crystal is delicately incorporated into the design to ensure quality and aesthetic appeal.

At Armoura, you'll find a vast collection of bracelets and bangles. Our range includes designs inspired by the ocean, such as the Silver Starfish Bangle, Silver Sand Dollar Bangle, or the Sterling Silver Whale Tail Bangle adorned with Sapphire Crystals. Each piece captures the essence of marine life and offers a unique style statement.

Yes, our Starfish Bangle is a unique part of our collection. It features a by-pass style design filled with resplendent crystals. The piece takes inspiration from starfish, lending a touch of nature's elegance to your look.

The Whale Tail Bangle captures the majesty of marine life in a piece of beautiful jewelry. It showcases a whale's tail done in sterling silver, with sapphire crystals adding a sparkle that's reminiscent of the ocean's allure. This bangle offers a combination of style and nature-inspired design that makes it a standout accessory.



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