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Abalone Jewelry for the beach

The Origins of Abalone Jewelry

Unique to numerous regions of the world, abalone jewelry is frequently found in South East Asia’s warmer waters, where the shells are harvested and the meat is used as food. However, the shells are utilized to create exquisite and distinctive jewelry that is well-known throughout the world. The stunning jewelry is created from shells that have been collected from South Asia’s clear, fresh waters. Our experienced craftspeople then prepare them before giving them the proper shape.
We have necklaces, earrings, and other pieces made out of the exquisite shells from Armoura Ocean Jewelry.


Abalone jewelry is appealing and well-liked for usage in jewelry and decorative items due to its variety of iridescence and vibrant, shifting colors. They also provide the vibrant mother pearl. Because they are so tasty, these shells are also eaten uncooked.
Abalone is known as “paua” in New Zealand. It has sentimental meaning to the Maori people, who have used paua shells as ornamental beauties and items of personal adornment for millennia. The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. Given that New Zealand is home to various unusual species, it is quite well-liked. They are used as New Zealand jewelry and souvenirs. Although their meat is very well-liked, the shells’ vivid hues also make for eye-catching shell jewelry.
These shells, which have vibrant greens, blues, and fiery flashes, are used to make lovely shell jewelry that is used and worn by both men and women all over the world. Because of its blue and green hues, it is frequently referred to as marine opal. This jewelry made from abalone shell is very original, and the distinctive swirls and patterns on each piece further add to its attractiveness.
The shells are covered in a thick layer of marine vegetation and lime after being harvested. The beautiful motifs created by nature in each shell become visible after the growth is removed. Our talented artisans polish, cut, and shape the best complete abalone shells into “cabochons” that are ready for setting into exquisitely designed and crafted real abalone jewelry that is in high demand across the world, enhancing nature’s original design.
Our paua comes from regions renowned for their high water quality, which is free of pollution and mineral-rich. One of the many things that set the original apart from the others is the rich depth of color that abalone carries. This jewelry consequently accurately captures the pristine nature of the ocean environment.
Our hand-crafted shell items are all distinctive in their colors and designs. To make pairs of earrings and other things like bracelets that use many cabochons, a significant amount of time and work is put into matching cabochons with complementary colors and patterns. As a result, each item is wonderful, with its complementary brilliant colors and swirls.

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