Imagine adorning yourself with the playful charm of Crab Jewelry or the ethereal beauty of Mermaid Jewelry. Picture a Compass Jewelry piece guiding your style journey or a Dolphin Jewelry trinket splashing vibrancy onto your ensemble. At Armoura Sea Treasures, we’ve crafted an oceanic saga just for you.

From the tranquil depths comes the grace of Sea Turtle Jewelry and the timeless allure of Nautical Jewelry. Feel the ocean’s pulse with our Wave Necklace and bask in the luminous glow of Mother of Pearl Jewelry. Dive deeper, and the iridescent magic of Abalone Jewelry awaits, all wrapped in the luxurious embrace of Gold Vermeil.

Our collection isn’t merely jewelry; it’s an invitation. An invite to immerse in marine elegance, to let the sea’s tales wrap around you. So, ready to find your oceanic muse? Dive in, the treasures await!


Our Mermaid Jewelry collection encapsulates the mysterious folklore of mermaids in brilliant designs. From silver mermaid tail rings to necklaces, the pieces reflect an eternal bond between the wearer and the majestic allure of the ocean.

Our Dolphin Jewelry line comprises of earrings and necklaces that embody the playful and intelligent spirit of dolphins. They feature aqua crystals, pearls, and even mother-baby dolphin designs, skilfully crafted to bring the oceanic world to life.

Our Sea Turtle Jewelry offers a variety of turtle-designed earrings, necklaces, and rings. Encrusted with Aqua Crystals and crafted in silver, these pieces reflect the calmness and longevity associated with sea turtles.

Our Nautical Jewelry collection is a repertoire of sea-themed designs. Ranging from ship's wheel necklaces to sailboat necklaces in sterling silver & crystals, the meticulous detailing will impress those with a love of the sea.

The Wave Necklace represents the beauty and strength of the sea, capturing its undulating expanse in a neat design. Offered in sterling silver and adorned with a variety of crystals like sapphire blue, the necklace forms a special connection with the ocean.

Our Abalone Jewelry features stunning pieces like silver whale tail earrings, necklaces, and the silver manta ray necklace, highlighting the allure of the abalone's iridescent character uniquely.

In our Gold Vermeil Jewelry, we have varieties like the 14KT Gold Vermeil Star Fish & Pearl Stud Earrings. Vermeil is high-quality gold-plated sterling silver, bringing a rich and luxurious feel to our oceanic designs.



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