Imagine capturing the ocean’s playful dance and the shimmering light reflecting on its waves. Now, picture that essence molded into our Dolphin Jewelry. At Wear Sea Treasures, we bring the mystical allure of dolphins to life with designs shimmering in 14K Gold Vermeil.

Every necklace and bracelet in this collection is embellished with the sparkle of CZ’s and the lustrous beauty of pearl and crystals. Have you ever seen aqua crystals? Their cool, tranquil charm paired with our Blue Dolphin Ring is like a serenade to the sea.

This isn’t just jewelry—it’s a voyage. It’s a call to let the radiant gleam of our collection sway you, like the gentle glide of a dolphin. Ready to ride the wave of elegance? Your nautical statement piece awaits. Dive deep and let the magic embrace you.


Armoura brings to you a range of Dolphin Jewelry, from Silver Dolphin Stud & Drop Earrings with Aqua Crystals to Blue Dolphin Rings with Crystals, Mom & Baby Dolphin Necklaces with Pearls, and Three Dolphins Necklaces Embellished with Aqua Crystals. It's a collection cherished by those who love this friendly sea creature.

Yes, one of our standout pieces in the Dolphin Jewelry collection is our 14K Gold Vermeil Mother and Baby Pearl Dolphin Necklace adorned with CZ’s. It exquisitely captures the bond between a mother and child.

Our Embellished Dolphin Jewelry features unique designs such as the Three Dolphins Necklace with Aqua Crystals. These exquisitely crafted pieces offer a unique blend of elegance and thematic detailing, making them one-of-a-kind.

Of course. CZ stands for Cubic Zirconia, which is a synthetic gemstone that very closely resembles diamonds. It is mainly used for the glimmer that it possesses. For example, our 14K Gold Vermeil Mother and Baby Pearl Dolphin Necklace features CZ's, adding an extra charm to our dolphin themed jewelry.

Aqua Crystals are used in several of our pieces such as the Silver Dolphin Stud and Drop Earrings, and the Three Dolphins Necklace. They reflect the hues of the ocean well and give our Dolphin Jewelry a striking visual appeal.



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