Our handcrafted sterling silver manta ray jewelry is perfect for sea creature and diving enthusiasts. Explore our selection to find Manta necklace to suit your personality. Among the most enigmatic and acrobatic animals on the reef are manta rays.
We only know that manta rays are breathtakingly gorgeous; we have no idea why they jump out of the water. Additionally, we provide free international shipping, so these manta jewelry pieces would be a wonderful present for divers or ocean lovers to add to their collection of jewelry with an ocean theme.

What does the Manta Ray symbolize? The manta ray is known by its Hawaiian name, "Hāhālua," which means "two breaths." The Islands, particularly Maui, are home to the exquisite beauty of the manta ray. Put on our distinctive Manta-Ray jewelry as a representation of grace, fortitude, and self-reliance.


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