Our selection of distinctive whale bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces, all made of hallmarked sterling silver, adds an exquisite and natural flourish to any ensemble. The iconic shape of the whale tail, or fluke as it’s also known, is immediately recognizable from a great distance. The whale tail has inspired this gorgeous collection of jewelry, embellished with sparkling crystals, mother of pearl and abalone shell so you can enjoy this enduring emblem of the ocean. The whale is seen as a representation of courage, strength, and independence. Explore our selection of whale jewelry to embody the spirit of these amiable behemoths.


Whale tails, also known as flukes, are considered lucky charms, fastness, strength, and freedom in many civilizations. Therefore, wearing one of these beauties around your neck is similar to carrying a small, symbolic object.

Whale tails are worn for their symbolic significance as well as their aesthetic appeal, even though jewelry made of them is popular. For many years, whale flukes have represented freedom, strength, speed, and good fortune.

The German term "flügel" for "wing" makes sense and is the root for both the flounder-like fish and the whale's tail. Alternately, perhaps "flach" is just the German term meaning flat.

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