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Cocktail Rings
Cocktail Rings


I often try to tell a story with these pieces through sculptural elements that imbue a place, era, style or emotion. A piece can be inspired by landscape, nature, travel or architecture. Some designs can be more abstract, an exploration of geometrical arrangements with concepts such as tension, form, light, colour and their interaction.

These fine jewelry designs are always pushing and utilising the finest materials, technology and techniques where each piece is truly one of a kind and exceptionally creative for those special and spectacular occasions. Once the design is settled upon, forms are masterfully sculpted, metal is expertly cast and polished, every gemstone is carefully chosen and set using traditional craft skills to produce pieces in the desired finish. Designs are can be made in yellow, rose, white gold or platinum as required. Get in touch with your needs and let the imagination go free.

“I have simple tastes, I am always satisfied with the best.” – Oscar Wilde




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