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Ruby Jewelry


Ah, the ruby. That deep red gemstone with a hint of pink which leaves you in awe the second you lay your eyes on her. The unique color is often referred to or called to ‘pigeon’s blood red’. The true definition of love at first sight. A corundum mineral that is typically red in color with shades of pink, purple or orange, considered the most expensive colored stone. It is widely used in ruby necklaces, jewelry, as well as being used in rings and bracelets.

History, use & mining sites
It is believed that rubies have been known to man since the Bronze Age. In India, even before our era, they were called “kings of gems” and were often used as talismans. The bright red color is attributed to the expression of the most powerful human emotions: love, passion and anger. The physical properties of this stone are described in treatises in the 1st century AD by the Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder. The ruby was very popular among European royal families and the upper-class society. Many medieval princesses wore rubies to guarantee health, wealth, wisdom and success in love.

Some of the best corundum samples in the world are mined in the north of Myanmar (Burma), in the Mogok Valley. Burmese rubies are an established brand in the world of precious stones. A large share of the market is now occupied by copies from Mozambique. By their beauty, they can be as attractive as the Burmese, but at the same time, they are much cheaper. Mining is also conducted in Thailand, Madagascar, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Vietnam (Vung Tau, “Ruby Land”) and other countries.


Healing and spiritual attributes for the wearer
Ruby is credited with the ability to cure chronic tonsillitis, diseases of the joints, digestive system, kidneys, spine and liver. It also has haemostatic properties. It is able to prevent fever and epileptic seizures, relieves nightmares, depression, improves the functioning of the nervous system and can even help with schizophrenia.

The ruby is considered a symbol of strength, beauty, devotion to faith, dignity and courage. In eastern cultures, it personifies love, health, strength and vitality. The talisman with a ruby, according to popular belief, is a reliable defense against false friends, diseases and witchcraft.


Ruby used as red gemstone jewelry
The physical properties of ruby make this mineral an excellent jewelry material. Red jewelry corundum has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, it is a very solid mineral and is not very prone to scratching the gem’s surface. Opaque rubies are processed in the form of a cabochon and turned into a pendant for instance. A red ruby necklace can doubtlessly win the heart of your significant other, hence, an ideal statement gift idea. Ruby earrings look very elegant with white gold while a yellow gold ruby ring can make an excellent proposal for your future wife-to-be.


If you’re looking to own a piece of ruby jewelry yourself, we truly believe a custom design can be a judicious choice. Armoura Designs have hands-on experience with crafting something completely unique for our beloved customers. Check out some of our works with the ruby and get inspired to tell a story of your own.




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