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Malachite Diamond Stud Earrings
Malachite Diamond Stud EarringsMalachite Diamond Stud Earrings

Malachite Diamond Stud Earrings


Malachite Diamond Stud Earrings With Black Enamel. Worldwide Shipping Available, Treat Yourself.


This simple Green Fairy earrings are a minimal and modern piece who’s strength is the gentle curves of the central cushion shaped stone echoed by the black enamel and white diamonds.


The Green Fairy earrings are inspired by the city of Prague. The vibrant culture and features such striking architectural periods spanning from medieval, Art Deco, Nouveau as well as modernist give the city a unique context.


At the centre of each earring is a gorgeous cushion cut piece of malachite surrounded by round brilliant cut white diamonds. A streak of black enamel mirrors the curve of the malachite. The metal is cut, cast and polished before many hours of skilled stone setting completes the seamless design. Please note that each piece of malachite varies in colour, tone as well as pattern as its a natural material.


This malachite diamond white gold stud earrings have been inspired by the Green Fairy, Prague’s legendary drink. Designed in art deco style hallmarked by symmetry and geometry, this duo has been crafted in 18 ct white gold. Each stud earring is a square with a cushion cut malachite stone in the centre highlighted with rows of diamonds and lines of black enamel on two sides each. The striated bright green of malachite looks striking surrounded by the sparkle of diamonds, cool glow of gold and starkness of enamel. We have also created a matching malachite necklace in the same look for those who want more of this stunning style.


All jewellery pieces from Armoura Designs are laser engraved with a hallmark from the Irish Assay Office to ensure purity and quality.

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