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Ruby Earrings With White Chalcedony
Ruby Drop Earrings With White Chalcedony And DiamondRuby Drop Earrings With White Chalcedony And Diamond

Ruby Earrings With White Chalcedony


Ruby drop earrings with white chalcedony and diamond set in 18ct white gold.


The Armoura Ruby Diamond Chalcedony Drop Earrings have been designed for classic chic with a touch of the unusual.


This earrings are deceptively simple and outrageously beautiful. Crafted in 18 ct white gold in Art Deco style, the pair is embellished with rubies, chalcedony and diamonds. Each earring has a long and thin white gold chain segment with a tiny diamond in the central link. Each octagon has a sparkling pigeon blood red ruby set within a custom cut slice of white chalcedony gemstone. The lush redness of the ruby is enhanced with the surrounding white translucence of chalcedony. A single diamond winking mid-way between the two octagons adds a lavish sparkle. A keepsake for generations and a cherished accessory for the jewel box, these exquisite earrings are also ideal for a special occasion gift. White Chalcedony is a semi-precious gemstone in translucent white hue from the quartz family.


This design is also available in emerald drop earrings as well as sapphire drop earrings.


While every effort is made to select the finest and most interesting cuts, White Chalcedony is a material mined from the earth, please note that each piece is completely unique and will not be exactly the same as the photo shown here.


All jewellery pieces from Armoura Designs are laser engraved with a hallmark from the Irish Assay Office to ensure purity and quality.




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