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Cloud Earrings
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Somewhere Over The Rainbow Earrings


Cloud Earrings made with 14K white gold with mother of pearl, diamonds and sapphires


These ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow Earrings‘ are inspired by clouds, lightening and raindrops. Crafted in 14K white gold in an asymmetrical design, each earring is shaped like a cloud with diamond studded hanging chains. One earring has a custom cut black mother of pearl making the cloud. From it are suspended eight elements of uneven lengths, all studded with diamonds. Seven of these are chain representing raindrops; one is a zigzag thunderbolt. The other earring has its cloud part set with a slice of white mother of pearl. A yellow diamond peeps from one side to represent sun. Five chain elements hang below the cloud in gradually decreasing lengths. These are studded with sapphires in pink, yellow, green and blue shades to represent the rainbow.


These fun mother of pearl earrings are sure to start many interesting conversations. ‘Count your rainbows, not your thunder storms’. We all have good days and bad days and these earrings are a fun take on good vs. bad ones and will remind you look on the bright side, after all, ‘every cloud has a white gold lining.


Cloud earrings with black and white mother of pearl feature a yellow diamond for the sun, diamonds depicting the raindrops and sapphires representing the rainbow.


If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime gift for your forever woman, look no further than this pair. Sapphires are a precious gemstone naturally available in colorful hues of yellow, green, blue and pink.


Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and is known as the hardest gemstone. Sparkling, precious and peerless. Black Mother of Pearl is dark, silky gem from the black lipped oyster shell which is highly valued for it’s iridescent interplay of colors and rich luster.


White Mother of Pearl is lustrous pearly white colored gem from pearl oyster shell. Valued for incomparable glow and slight hint of rainbow colors. While every effort is made to select the finest and most interesting cuts, Mother of Pearl being a natural material, please note that each piece is completely unique and will not be exactly the same as the photo shown here.


Technical Details:

Gold Weight: 5.8gm.

Diamond Weight: 0.17ct.

Mother of Pearl Weight: 0.70ct.

Sapphires Weight: 0.50ct.


All jewelry pieces from Armoura Designs are laser engraved with a hallmark from the Irish Assay Office to ensure purity and quality.




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