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Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphire Jewellry

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Sapphire, The Heaven Sent Gemstone of Royalty

Sapphire is a divine dark blue gemstone that will leave you mesmerized when you’re gazing at her carefully. Part of the corundum minerals family, it can come in varying colours such as yellow, orange, green, pink, white and black just to name a few. The rarest of them all is the Padparadscha sapphire, a peachy/salmon bloomed gem and a rare treasure-trove. Blue Sapphires are by far the most expensive ones. Because true royalty comes in recognizing its own position of power and real value in the marketplace.

History and key locations

The name sapphire according to one version of ancient manuscript studies, derives from the ancient Greek word “sappheiros”, which means blue stone. For countless millennia, this blue sparkler has adorned everyday objects belonging to the emperors and members of the clergy. Sapphires symbolized nobility, honesty and loyalty. The earliest deposits known to man are from Sri Lanka, dating back to 500 BC. Invading Buddhists storming through this territory from the north took notice of the colourful gems inside rivers. At the beginning of the 14th century, the Malian empire was so rich in sapphire and gold that King Mansa Musa, its leader, would order his architects to build startling mosques using these two. In Europe during medieval times, the clergy wore them to symbolize the colours of heavenly skies as part of their customary garment during Sunday worship. Fast forward to the 20th Century, Princess Diana received a sapphire and diamond engagement ring, which was gifted by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia himself.

The highest premium quality sapphires are mined in Kashmir, north of India, which is now a disputed region amongst India, Pakistan and China. The price-per-carat for Kashmir sapphires particularly are record-breaking. Close contenders are the Burmese Sapphire from Myanmar, followed by the Cornflower Sapphire from Ceylon with a smoother baby-blue tone. These are the three main “branded” blue sapphire deposits, which are humbly characterized by their supreme quality and clarity. Sapphire is also richly mined in Madagascar, Australia, Cambodia, Columbia, Laos, Mozambique, Tanzania, Vietnam, Thailand and in the United States of America (State of Montana).

Spiritual and healing attributes for the wearer

Sapphire is considered a stone sent from heaven with powerful cosmic energy. It has always been a symbol of wisdom, justice, purity and spirituality. Due to the ability to pass energy through and purify it, sapphires are often used during meditation. The sapphire pacifies passions, gives the power of reason to awaken, strengthens the spirit and willpower, perfect for a sapphire necklace. Blue corundum brings fidelity, peace and love to your family life, protects from betrayal, gossip and slander.

In ancient times, sapphires-encrusted goblets were built for the elite, since it was believed that the stone could recognize the poison in fluids by changing its colour. Additionally, Greek Hippocrates used it as an antidote. Lithotherapists recommend wearing sapphires for diseases of organs affecting vision and breathing, for impaired heartbeats as well as insomnia.

Sapphire used as a gemstone in jewellery

Similar to her sister gem, the ruby, it has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale which makes it very robust for everyday use without any concerns about scratching, cracking or breaking.

Sapphires can be sliced to pretty much any shape you want and turned into practically any type of jewellery from sapphire earrings, rings, gemstone bracelets, pendants, lavish necklaces, sapphire chokers, you name it. Some popular shapes include oval and cushion cuts, which are common options among bespoke jewellers.

So which precious metal will best suit this gemstone? For a contemporary, elegant presence, white gold settles in nicely, but if you’re searching for a more traditional/classic appearance, yellow gold would be a good choice for an exquisite pair of sapphire earrings.

Armoura Designs can guide you thoroughly in making such choices. We can craft an absolutely flawless and authentic piece based on your idea, budget and taste. You can glance at some of our own fine sapphire jewellery items and discover our pure passion & creative input in each and every one of them!

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