Navigate the vast expanse of the ocean, right from your neckline with our Compass Necklace. Feel the rhythmic pulse of the waves with each glint of our Wave Necklace. But, wait! There’s more to this oceanic narrative. Dive deeper to discover the mesmerizing iridescence of Abalone Jewelry, a testament to nature’s artistry encapsulated within the Abalone Shell.

Is it the timeless Nautical Style you seek? Or perhaps the gleaming allure of Sterling Silver blended with twinkling Crystals? Whichever shore your heart drifts to, our Marine Designs are bound to captivate. From the majestic glide of the Silver Manta Ray Necklace to other treasures of Ocean-inspired Jewelry, every piece echoes the ocean’s whisper.

Embarking on this marine journey isn’t just about adorning oneself—it’s about embodying the spirit of the sea. Ready to set sail towards your perfect gem? Cast your anchor here and ride the wave of desire! Dive in.


The Compass Necklace from our Abalone collection is a striking piece that serves as a symbol of guidance. This nautical style piece is exquisitely designed with abalone and high-quality crystals, offering a Sea-inspired aesthetic.

The Wave Necklace, part of our Abalone collection, manifests the fierce beauty of oceanic waves. The choice of abalone and crystals on a sterling-silver base presents a beautiful color play and maritime charm.

Our Abalone Jewelry collection captures the iridescent beauty of the abalone shell. We bring forward marine designs and ocean-inspired jewelry that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also intricately detailed and full of symbolism.

Our nautical style jewelry under the Abalone collection comprises sterling silver and lustrous crystals. Each item, from the Silver Manta Ray Necklace to the Wave Necklace, features beautiful abalone shell, bringing a feel of the ocean to each piece.

The Silver Manta Ray Necklace under our Abalone collection is an embodiment of beauty and strength. The manta ray shape, coupled with sparkling crystals and abalone, makes this marine-inspired piece truly unique and captivating.

Yes, the jewelry pieces in our Abalone collection, such as the Compass Necklace and Wave Necklace, are made from genuine abalone shells. These shells are renowned for their luminescent colors and patterns, giving each piece a unique character.



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