Sail the shimmering seas of jewelry with our Mother of Pearl Jewelry collection. Ever felt the gentle touch of the ocean waves or been intrigued by the mysteries of the deep? Our curated pieces, like the ethereal Silver Compass Necklace, capture that very essence.

Let’s get personal for a moment. Mother of Pearl isn’t just any ordinary gem—it’s an Organic Mineral. Inside mollusks, a lustrous layer forms, known as “nacre.” Yes, those same mesmerizing Pearl Gemstones you adore? They hail from nacre. Yet, Mother of Pearl holds its unique spot, shining brilliantly as the nacre-coated inner sanctuary.

Be it a captivating Pearl Dolphin Necklace or an enchanting Pearl Turtle Necklace, each piece is a whisper from the ocean, a tale of time. Dive into its alluring history, and you might just find a piece of the ocean’s soul. Ready to wear a story? Dive in, and let the oceanic allure wrap around you.


Our Silver Compass Necklace is a standout piece with crystal accents and gold touches. It's a symbolic accessory for those who appreciate guidance and exploration.

Our Mother of Pearl Jewelry collection is vast and varied. From a Silver Whale Fluke Necklace to a Pearl Wave Necklace, we have myriad designs crafted with the most excellent mother of pearl.

Pearl Gemstones add an elegant and timeless touch to our jewelry. Their beauty enhances pieces like our Pearl Turtle Necklace and Pearl Dolphin Necklace, making them cherished pieces.

Organic minerals are integral to our jewelry pieces. The Mother of Pearl used is an organic mineral, which is the naturally nacre-coated inner part of a pearl oyster shell.

Our Pearl Dolphin Necklace is a beautiful piece, representing the playful side of marine life. Sporting a mother of pearl in the design, it's a perfect accessory for dolphin and sea lovers.

The Pearl Turtle Necklace is a piece from our Mother of Pearl jewelry collection. It beautifully combines the elegance of pearls and the character of a turtle, making it a special piece in our collection.



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